Out of the Blue is a poem illustrated through the eyes of someone inside the World Trade centre after being struck by a plane. This event will go down as one of the worst terror attacks in history. Some many innocent people lost their lives and were helpless with staircases collapsing with many people stuck. […]

The Hunger Games book shows a story of Katniss Everdeen, picked out of District 12 to fight and survive in a controlled environment. She meets a boy Peeta who she forms a strong relationship with and teams up with him so their survival chances rise. Katniss shows she loves her sister and she volunteers as […]

The documentary “Last Chance U” is based on a community college that brings in 17-18-year-olds who have been misbehaving and need a second or ‘last’ chance. The documentary shows the viewers that if kids have a second chance, they can make it onto the big stage which is shown in the documentary. Many of the […]

Every day there are animals in zoos who are locked up in small concrete cells. More than 750,000 are in zoos living out there last days in their cruel places. Animals who are meant to fly and swim freely are now are locked up and every aspect of their life is now controlled, observed and […]

Imagine being Thomas, waking up in a moving elevator, and he doesn’t know where it’s going. He doesn’t remember anything of the past and only knows his name. When Thomas reaches the top he meets a few people shows Thomas is a confident person as he was very open about himself. Throughout the film, you […]

Dear Sir/Madam All my life I have had a passion and instant bond between myself and animals. I respect animals and would love to get into a working space that involves animals in some way. I am writing this letter as a position in my hobbies and interests would make working fun and would influence […]

Becca Longo is 18 and can kick a football further than most college football kickers. Shes already got a scholarship and is playing with boys in a division 2 college which is still amazing. Her coach is the one she always puts first when she is asked about how she has come so far, which […]

In the documentary, “Book of Isaiah”, Isaiah Thomas is a 29 year old NBA player for Boston Celtics. He is 5’7 and is the smallest player in the league at the moment. He has faced lots of criticism in the past and is determined to make it to the top if he keeps improving. Hi […]

In this generation there are many different ways people modify the way they we speak and text to abbreviate their text. This ranges from many young kids using different ways of texting and speaking so it is easier for them to speak and this is what they have grown up saying. For insistent, “Wuu2” is […]