Imagine being locked up, every day, in a cage. Not being able to run around with your friends. Stuck in a 2 by 2 concrete cell.  Well, this is the case for more than 750,000 animals. Animals who are meant to fly and swim freely, but now are locked up and every aspected of their […]

Thomas, waking up in a moving elevator, and he doesn’t know where it’s going. He doesn’t remember anything of the past and only knows his name. When Thomas reaches the top he meets a few people shows Thomas is a confident person as he was very open about himself. Throughout the film, you can quickly […]

Dear Sir/Madam All my life I have had a passion and instant bond between myself and animals. I respect animals and would love to get into a working space that involves animals in some way. I am writing this letter as a position in my hobbies and interests would make working fun and would influence […]

My 3 interests are: Golf, gaming and animals. These things I like doing or having as these things are the things I like best. These interests show that I’m a very active and caring person.

In the documentary, “Book of Isaiah”, Isaiah Thomas is a 29 year old NBA player for Boston Celtics. He is 5’7 and is the smallest player in the league at the moment. He has faced lots of criticism in the past and is determined to make it to the top if he keeps improving. Hi […]

In this generation there are many different ways people modify the way they we speak and text to abbreviate their text. This ranges from many young kids using different ways of texting and speaking so it is easier for them to speak and this is what they have grown up saying. For insistent, “Wuu2” is […]

Josh- So Lakers and Wizards play today Wesley- Wizards are gonna win I reckon Josh- You sure? Wesley- Yeah Josh- Can they shoot good enough? Wesley- Bradley Beal’s been on fire recently Josh- I mean he’s been struggling in the 4th quarter Wesley- True true, isn’t John Wall injured as well? Josh- Yeah, although Lonzo’s […]

*phone rings Person 1: yeah Person 2: oh, fanks for answering geezer, you know what I mean? Person 3: gimme that. Where you been fool? makin us rinse out our credit leaving you messages and dat Person 2: Mr. Dawes is well on the war path wif you bruv yeah! Person 1: Cause of dah […]

The nature of survival was shown in the film “ Rabbit Proof Fence “ directed by Phillip Noyce   The first aspect of survival that was shown in the film was presented by Molly as she shows throughout the film that having a positive attitude can assist your survival. One of the aspects of survival […]