Every day there are animals in zoos who are locked up in small concrete cells. More than 750,000 are in zoos living out there last days in their cruel places. Animals who are meant to fly and swim freely are now are locked up and every aspect of their life is now controlled, observed and managed. Every animal in zoos are housed in enclosures that are not the same as their natural habitats like oceans or jungles. Warehousing animals are not going to save them. Animals are living in the same place that they go to the toilet which is very unhealthy. 

Kids love going to the zoo as a kid as it brings everybody happiness and all kids love watching all the animals. People do not realise the negative and unhealthy ways the animals went about their day. Many people don’t realise the ways the animals are treated as this is done behind closed doors most of the time. It is like they are being held hostage and they can do nothing about it. They are the slaves for the zoo owners who are making money by having animals suffer. This is not the way for the future. Even some of the biggest zoos cant provide healthy and substantial living places for animals. There is absolutely no zoo in the world who will ever be able to replace an animal’s natural habitat, and this is the truth. This is a big problem and no one seems to be doing anything about it.

 Many animals have been ripped away from their families for other people’s amusement. This was the case for a Thailand elephant. At the age of 1, she was separated from her family in her natural habitat and sold to Six Flags in America. Not long after arriving her, she was sold again, and taken to Texas. The way the animals are sold is like football players being sold on the transfer market and having to move places constantly. Studies have also shown that animals need time to observe and get used to their new land and this wasn’t the case for the elephant. It puts extra stress on the animals having to move places all the time. These animals have a hard life. Whilst at the zoo the elephant was labelled a killer as a zookeeper was found dead in her torture room, also known as an enclosure. After this happened she was shipped again to a different zoo and was beaten with axes and wood planks. After all, this had happened, the elephant was finally taken somewhere to stay and live out the rest of her life. Another zoo tragedy that has happened was the incident with the king of the jungle, Harambe. Harambe was a 17-year-old gorilla and had lived at Cincinnati Zoo until this horrific tragedy. On May 28, 2016, a Chinese toddler, climbed the railing and tumbled into Harambe’s enclosure. Harambe moved closer to the boy and started dragging him through the water, techniques gorillas use to transport their babies. Harambe was not trying to hurt the boy and just was scared and startled as this has never happened to Harambe before. Before the incident, the boy had told his Mum he wanted to go into the enclosure and his Mum had done nothing about it. The standoff went on for quite a while and in the end, Harambe was fatally shot, so the boy could stay safe. The zoo killed Harambe so the zoo would not have a bad look as it may have resulted in a child tragedy. The video was posted of the boy in the enclosure and sparked outrage as many people including myself thought Harambe should not have been killed. Why would they shoot Harambe when he showed signs of protection plus it was not even his fault the boy fell into the enclosure. Harambe as a cover-up and not to look bad. 

The way zoos treat animals is very bad and shouldn’t carry on like this. Animals are the ones who make the money for the zoos, so the zoos should give them the best treatment they can get. Many animals are treated very badly at a place where they should be safe and kept well looked after. This is inhumane and there needs to be a stop to animals being treated poorly in zoos, or they should do the right thing and release them back into the wild.  All these things are very negative and this shows that animals are clearly not getting the attention and support they need. Animals can not do anything to stop this and need help from the public to live out a great life in the zoo. Animals are having to live a bad life in the zoo and there needs to be changed in the industry. 

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  1. Hi Flynn,

    You’ve chosen a good topic and your idea for the beginning – to ask your audience to imagine being incarcerated – is a good idea. I recommend you develop that further, really getting into a description of what it would be like to confined to a cage for your entire life, with people watching every thing you do, every move you make.

    I look forward to watching this speech develop.

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