Imagine being locked up, every day, in a cage. Not being able to run around with your friends. Stuck in a 2 by 2 concrete cell.  Well, this is the case for more than 750,000 animals. Animals who are meant to fly and swim freely, but now are locked up and every aspected of their life is now controlled, observed and managed. They are housed in cages or enclosures that are not even close to jungles, forests and the ocean. Personally, I think warehousing animals is not going to save them. Animals are having to eat in the same place as they go toilet and I think this is inhumane.

I used to love going to the zoo as a kid as it brought me happiness and loved watching all the animals. I did not realise back then the negative and unhealthy ways the animals went about their day. Many people don’t realise the ways the animals are treated as this is done behind closed doors most of the time. It is like they are being held hostage and they can do nothing about it. They are the slaves for the zoo owners who are making money by having animals suffer. This is not the way for the future.

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  1. Hi Flynn,

    You’ve chosen a good topic and your idea for the beginning – to ask your audience to imagine being incarcerated – is a good idea. I recommend you develop that further, really getting into a description of what it would be like to confined to a cage for your entire life, with people watching every thing you do, every move you make.

    I look forward to watching this speech develop.


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