In the documentary, “Book of Isaiah”, Isaiah Thomas is a 29 year old NBA player for Boston Celtics. He is 5’7 and is the smallest player in the league at the moment. He has faced lots of criticism in the past and is determined to make it to the top if he keeps improving.

Hi Flynn. This is your first reading journal entry. Can you tell me what the text that you guys discussed today is that documentary of the book of Isaiah. Can you tell me what that documentary is a it’s a

film documentaries

and can you tell me what it’s about. It’s about it’s about a 29 year old five foot 7 NBA star. Isaiah Thomas, who his face a lot of criticism in the past but is trying to make it into the top league or the NBA basketball league

ok so the obvious thing for us is that short for basketball

is a focus on that arm so he’s discarded the gym every day trying to build up his face a lot of criticism but is this trying to keep getting bigger and bigger and

using his criticism is determination to get better and better every single day right and then criticism. The obvious criticism, you know, you’re too short to be a basketball or other kinds of criticism

as slight the yo to show to be a basketball player and he does blocks it out and destroy supplies business cool if Harvey goes out, do you think that because it’s short people assume is not good. Yeah. So this has been basically like a image of a butterfly having to be tool to play basketball like I don’t think that’s the case he from should have a say and what they are and how to lay out of imply possible because the average height, especially around six books for five days were small that that I think he should have a fear charts at prime. So it’s one of those situations where they were prejudiced Yeah, you’ve got this height. So, therefore, you can’t possibly be good at basketball. Do you think though that he plays his play compensates for that. So you as good as a toilet player. Yeah, cuz he uses he chooses as high as an advantage because he can get his what fast more the audible so you can get round was easily and make plays runs his own usually layout go for lap. Use it as possible to other players to shoot

does the documentary Toba has other other players on his team and their attitude towards having him on the team. Not really. It just focus on him Charlotte the beta player every single day just

building up going to the German.

Yeah. And in the end would mean a few on a team with him. Would you prefer him over at all. A player. Yeah, because he’s more of a team fly. He can be passable beta is a good shooter as well.

Nice. Pretty good. Yeah, because the hype doesn’t make you a good or a bad shooter does not know, but at the same time you are choosing a table and sort of already asked this but I like to push the question about harder and yet and say there was someone who is as good as shooting as he is in fact head exact same performance that says, Hey, that was taller, who would you choose,

I probably choose him for these really hard working man determines where every single guy.

And also, he’s just really fast and mobile and stuff

so so that’s interesting because it brings up this idea that when people had to face adversity, they potentially develop qualities that you wouldn’t that you don’t you don’t develop a things that easier for you.

Would you agree that that’s the case and life outside of basketball or in other sports and other sports as well because

Iran basis I shall set you gotta take it the right way everyone I succeeded mouth basketball Thomas. He doesn’t live there is a lit lit up there. Yeah, it’s good to have a desert, DESERT race ideas apply to you in any experiences you’ve had quite short for my age and others think of he faced criticism but I use us this one documentary as determination because he’s actually right there

anyone that got the right skills and the right mindset is not about the hot

but from your own point of view, you can also understand that

you have to be quite tough

to be able to constantly denied the views of other people and replace it with your own thinking that you consider that to be a challenge in your that you’ve had to face as well. Yeah, easy or hard or you just got to get into the right mindset not not think about that and this kid playing.

I’ve got a really silly example from my own life, which I think matches. I remember I’m left handed. And I remember when I was in primary school. My teacher said that I was gonna be Missy writer because I’m left handed or left handed people with missy. And I remember at the time. As a child, right, mate. And all this time making myself Nate and now i right lately and I think sometimes when people tell you you can’t do something,

depending on you know what makes the difference because sometimes when someone tells you you can’t do something you buy into that and and you lose motivation, what makes the difference making a difference. Since the pushing you to actually do it at this using their criticism

earlier. Yeah, this but how you do that help a person is criticism to motivate them

when stuff gets you over like news well use the

they had suffered I say, and this push pull to make yourself do it. He came up inside you can see just gonna keep

pushing forward. I mean, yeah, I mean, I certainly agree and that I can like I’m 47 Here am I telling a story about formal probably went out with civil 40 years ago that moment when someone challenged me and I decided to be determined actually makes

I still remember it. Yeah, you remember the friends that people the best of that people say about you. Yeah.

Yeah. And when you have achieved it actually builds confidence and you so if you get a series of Do you think that he had has he had some success

like like do you think is motivated by the NBA Playoffs and a very middle class sister died in a car crash because one of the first guy to use all that

all that motivation about that and play this mystical we got a career high but again. All right, let’s see the boss

just from where they just kept praying for a sister Mary just

got real good. And also he was the last pic backdrops since the 60s and they use their normal you. Thank you. It’s gonna get

hot in the last pit. He got hit by the secondary characters and that changes bottom up to the

hind legs just played played at reply them until you got really good,

really beta. So, the other interesting thing there is that he’s probably never going to be anyone’s first because he not he but he’s

he’s like a hidden gem is not really the first pic but he’s a good player. Yeah, but I wrote

turning it around. If you were the person who is always assume you are first Peck perhaps your circle really strong, you know, our domain and Pepsi stats aren’t that great but because of your physical capabilities. Everyone sees you as I wonder if the thing that that person loses is that motivation

because the base and I can. This is they give them that it’s like you gotta keep performing. Good.

That’s something comes to easy, it actually isn’t as a as fulfilling as something that is hard to combine. Yeah. So do you think I mean he obviously has a sports person he could choose anything including sports with his height shorter high Caribbean advantage. So do you think perhaps is chosen the sport that is the

opposite of what he’s naturally thought of as naturally suited for is not a just creating challenge firms

like that he chose it. But he knew that he could actually be two top he knew he was like tool. Yeah. His dad wasn’t as well. Right. And he was using the tools, but

he just keep going and uses decimal system as motivation to keep your eye on. And he made it he he medicines hobbies, one of the base. Now, I think, in my opinion, is one of the best point guards in the league, which is good. Even though it’s really small. But have you ever put that kind of work and to achieving something in your life.

I wasn’t like the biggest remind me that I kid I played and get by 11 grew but but I started child charmer based practice law and

this was this time when they play

right yeah so you basically had the same experience

but now use Isaiah Thomas is my one of my motivation because he’s not he’s

awesome. Thank you very much. Thank you.

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