14th October 2018

Last Chance U- Season 1

The documentary “Last Chance U” is based on a community college that brings in 17-18-year-olds who have been misbehaving and need a second or ‘last’ chance. The documentary shows the viewers that if kids have a second chance, they can make it onto the big stage which is shown in the documentary. Many of the athletes starred in the film make it to the NFL, the highest league of American Football. The Mississippi Lions have a rough season as they win some and lose some. A big talking point was the fight that broke out between the Lions and their rivals. Many players were suspended and the police were involved. A segment of the film that was in interest to me would have to be signing day. This is where the kids go into a big meeting room and collect the offers from top universities that want them to play for their team. This is fascinating to watch as some of the best players don’t even go to D1 colleges. D1 colleges are the top colleges and provide the best path to the NFL. The kids knew they had to play hard in the season as there were many scouts coming to watch them play and practice. Every day they had to train to their fullest as they never knew when they would get the call up to play. The documentary was real which made it more interesting because some of them are just one year older than me, and it’s crazy that they are getting scholarships already to D1 colleges. The colleges that they go to are amazing as they are so big and thousands of people attend them. The quotation “If you’re not going hard enough at practice, you’re not playing” really stuck with me.  They had to play really hard in practice to gain a starting spot on gameday. This showed their coach was hard on them and they had to play to their full potential. They had to fight for a position in practice, so this means they went hard each practice. Another quote that was used in the documentary was said by Buddy Stevens, the head coach who was aggressive but knew what he was doing. “Hold back, don’t get involved” was the quote I thought changed the whole documentary. This is when there was a massive fight between Buddy’s team and Mississippi South. Buddy did stop a few players from getting involved but players rushed in to help their team-mates from getting injured. Buddy was hard on the kids but did get results as the won the State Championship which was their objective. There were many parts that I could connect within the film, but one bit really touched me. Deandre, one of the defensive players who came from a rundown neighbourhood excelled in school and helped the kids who struggled. Most of the kids didn’t listen to the teacher but listened to DeAndre and they relied on him. This refers to me because I have friends who sometimes help me when I’m struggling and I would take their advice more than teachers as I can understand them better. I think this documentary taught me to take things for granted as people have it much worse than I do in the world. These kids have had family members shot and killed and have had to grow up alone, without guidance. I think people need to understand people get it way worse than they do. 

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