Imagine being Thomas, waking up in a moving elevator, and he doesn’t know where it’s going. He doesn’t remember anything of the past and only knows his name. When Thomas reaches the top he meets a few people shows Thomas is a confident person as he was very open about himself. Throughout the film, you can quickly notice that Thomas is a risk taker and thrill seeker. He does whatever it takes to himself and his friends out of the horrible place. When he hops out of the elevator and looks around and sees 4 big walls surrounding him. He realises he is stuck. For me, I felt like I was interested in the big stone wall that opens up every so often. People who are called “runners” head into the unknown land trying to go further into the “maze”. I found this interesting as they were leaving their safehouse and sacrificing themselves for other peoples benefit. They were going deep into the maze to try and find a way out of the cruel place where they were being tested. I personally think they shouldn’t have gone into the unknown place as some of them got killed. They didn’t know it was a game, where people were watching over them knowing they were safe, but the people in the maze weren’t. “It doesn’t do the Creators any good if we all die—this thing is meant to be hard, not impossible. I think we finally know for sure that the Grievers are programmed to only kill one of us each day. So somebody can sacrifice himself to save the others while we run to the Hole. I think this might be how it’s supposed to happen.” This quote is told by Thomas in the book to show that people were dying and people were needing to sacrifice themselves. The grievers were a dark, ugly creature that could kill a human in a heartbeat. Thomas knew it would kill one person a day inside the maze and knew people died. Another quote told in the book to describe Thomas would be “Thomas got to his feet and started walking toward the eastern opening. “Well, no one said I couldn’t look around.” He needed to learn something or he was going to lose his mind”. This shows that he is outgoing and wanted to explore himself rather than others showing him around. He was walking to the eastern opening where the maze starts, wanting to go in and explore but was quickly shut down by some of the other people. I can definitely relate to this book as Thomas and I have the same connection of exploring. I would rather lead my own path than have others lead it for me and this is exactly what Thomas is doing. He wants to find things out for himself and I also want to do this. He is an independent person and I like being like this as I choose to make my own choices in life. I choose to figure things out by myself with no guidance of others and only need assistance when needed. 

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  1. Hi Flynn,

    To give you some guidance on what content is appropriate for your Reading Log responses I suggest the following:

    1) Go to the class website and read the task outline and the example material on there.
    2) Go to the entry on your own blog where I interviewed you on the Book of Isiah and listen to that interview. It will help you understand the kind of observations that are needed.

    Once you’ve done this, have a go at amending your work, above, and let me know.


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