Becca Longo is 18 and can kick a football further than most college football kickers. Shes already got a scholarship and is playing with boys in a division 2 college which is still amazing. Her coach is the one she always puts first when she is asked about how she has come so far, which shows how grateful she is. She is about to earn a scholarship to Division 1 which will make the dream even closer and more achievable for Longo. She will be moving to Colorado on a fully paid for scholarship and has had to learn over the years how to mingle with boy team-mates. As the kicking role, she will not be getting physically getting hit which is a bonus and she will be confident in her self that she will be able to nail every kick. Something that I’m interested in that caught my mind straight away is that she will become the first women to ever play in the NFL if she makes it. This is quite astonishing and I’m sure there will be a lot of criticism going around about is she even mentally capable of stepping up for a pressure kick to win the Super Bowl final, as this could defiantly be the case. I think all women are capable of this and she would defiantly be as she would have had to do this when playing college football in the past. ” The dream is close but so far” is what Becca said when talking it the interview meaning she is close because she is going to a Division 1 school but she still has a lot of work to do before she makes that dream a reality. Personally, I think she could make the NFL with a lot of time and commitment put onto the table, but with a kicker distance she has, she is definitely a contender. “Seeing her kick was the best thing I ever saw”. This was a quote from her coach who stuck with her and saw the potential that she had. He thinks she can go all the way and can make it onto the big stage. The quote shows that the coach fell in love with her kicking ability as soon as he saw it and once you have a coach who believes in you, that gives you confidence. Something that I have a connection to would be my height in sport and her gender in sport. Both of us have and will be criticised. This is when I play basketball as there is a stereotype that you have to be tall to play basketball but actually it isn’t about that. It’s about your heart and your love for the game alongside your IQ. Becca has everything that I do but will get criticized for being a girl playing in a ‘mans’ sport which isn’t true. It’s not about your size or gender, but about how much you want it and how much you are willing to put in. The more time and effort you put in will end in more success and knowledge of the game

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