17th October 2018

Out of The Blue

Out of the Blue is a poem illustrated through the eyes of someone inside the World Trade centre after being struck by a plane. This event will go down as one of the worst terror attacks in history. Some many innocent people lost their lives and were helpless with staircases collapsing with many people stuck. This is cruel what they did and attacks are still happening all around the world. Out of the Blue is being told by someone inside the building who is not actually inside the building. They know the feeling and pain these people went through, knowing they’re not making it out alive. Personally, I think nobody should go through what they had to go through. It would have been terrible in pitch blackness, never knowing when you’re going to die. This would be immeasurable. An aspect from the poem I think is interesting is how did they hijack the plane. I’m sure back then the security would be shocking and they could have easily taken out the pilots. Now with better security, you hardly hear about having bombs or aggressive people on planes. I think back then they should really have had better security because it would have been so easy to go into the cockpit and take over the plane. The quote “Does anyone see a soul worth saving” is a quote that has a lot of meaning. He says this as he looks down on the people on the ground who are helpless, but he thinks they can help. He is waving from a blown out window, looking towards the ground wishing he was one of them. This quote is a plea for help if someone could just come up and save him from this traumatic time. Another quote from the text would be “are your eyes believing, believing”. This goes to show no one thought it was real as people could not believe what had just happened. This quote shows empathy and tells the readers that this was all fake, they were just believing it was happening but it actually was happening. They are shocked that such a catastrophe could happen like this. Something that I could connect with in the poem would be “trying and trying” which is a quote in the poem. I try my best in sport and with school but can not always succeed in the way I want to. The man in the poem was trying and trying, but not help came for him which is very unfortunate. People on the ground wanted to help, but they couldn’t go back into the building as it was to dangerous, finding out later as the building did collapse. For me, I didn’t remember this event, but thousands of people were affected around the world as this event did ‘shake the world’. I get the shivers down my spine as I look at videos of this unbelievable day and what it would of felt like with a plane crashing into the building you are in. I think it is a disgrace this event even happened and this gave airport security around the world a wake up call. 

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