30th November 2017

Significant Connections Essay

The nature of survival was shown in the film “ Rabbit Proof Fence “ directed by Phillip Noyce


The first aspect of survival that was shown in the film was presented by Molly as she shows throughout the film that having a positive attitude can assist your survival. One of the aspects of survival that was shown is when Molly, Daisy and Gracie are about to escape from Moore river, and Gracie is skeptical of fleeing the horrific camp. The film illustrates Gracie stating “ Too far Molly, tracker gonna get us”. This shows the viewer that Gracie is doubting their success of getting back to where the girls belong, Jigalong. The viewers also hears Daisy, the youngest of the three girls desperately say “ My legs, Molly, they hurt, I can’t walk”. This is then followed by a medium shot of Molly, picking up her exhausted sister onto her back and trekking further into the remote outback. This shows that Molly is positive and willing to do whatever it takes for her family to be reunited back in Jigalong. Another creative moment in the film is when Molly knows the girls are tired and losing hope, so she distracts the girls with a game. She quotes to the girls “ I see an Emu, I see a big kangaroo. This action taken by Molly perplexes the girls and gives them strength to keep going.


A second aspect of survival that was presented in the film “ Rabbit Proof Fence “ was shown as Molly uses the land for valuable resources to ensure her survival. The first aspect of survival that was shown in the intense film, “Rabbit Proof Fence” was when Molly uses her Aboriginal language skills to her advantage. While on the journey to get back home, the three girls spot two Aboriginal bushmen. Molly confronts the bushmen and uses a hand signal to interact with them. Shortly after that a long shot is used and shows the three girls eating kangaroo tail that had been given to them by the hunters. Another scene displays an long shot of Molly stealing eggs from a chicken coupe. This scene tells the viewers that Molly and her two other struggling companies that they are desperate for whatever they could get. A similar action taken by the girl was when Molly lifts up Daisy, so she can grab a couple of eggs out of the bird’s nest. This is a powerful moment as it shows the viewer that they are working together to benefit each other’s survival.


The nature of survival was shown in the text  “Touching the Void” written by Joe Simpson. The first aspect of survival that was shown was that you need to have hope so you can stay positive and survive. This was shown in the film when Joe Simpson sykes himself up with a positive talk about the accent,  Simon and him are about to do up the west face of the mighty Suila Grande.  This is beneficial to Joe as it will give him hope to keep going and push through the tough times ahead of them while up the mountain. Another example of this is when Joe is alone in the deep crevasse and catches a glimpse of sunlight pass over the crevasse. Joe immediately is determined to escape this broad hole and says “ A pillar of golden light beamed diagonally from a small hole in the roof, spraying reflections off the far wall of the crevasse.” Joe quickly checks his surroundings and knows that he is capable of getting out. He may have a broken leg, but is decisive about leaving this horrible place that he has had to call home for the last 6 hours. This shows that anyone can get out of any situation if you have determination and self-belief. Joe shows the readers that he did anything he could to survive and it worked. He also gives the readers hope that can survive like Joe did as the readers know this is based on a true story. I believe Joe can influence people to have the same attitude as him and “NEVER GIVE UP”.


“Touching the Void” can be related the film  “Rabbit Proof Fence” which shows the girls Molly, Daisy and Gracie had to survive in extreme temperatures just like Joe did out in the wilderness. These two survival stories are very similar as they both go through very tough times to try and get to their location they are needing to go to. They both have one goal which is to survive so they can be reunited with their families and friends. In both of these remarkable survival stories the viewers and readers can see the obstacles both Molly, Daisy and Gracie from Rabbit Proof Fence and Joe from Touching the Void. In Touching the Void, Joe couldn’t move very fast as he had a broken leg. This was very time- consuming for Joe and each movement he took drained his precious energy. Eventually Joe had little energy and started hallucinating and his body started to shut down. In the end, Joe was in touching distance to where he set off for a climb with Simon he was so excited about, he screamed and screamed until Simon and Richard woke to see him lying on the ground. This shows everybody that you shouldn’t give up and “ Your victory is right around the corner, never give up”. This was the case for Joe when he was on his final straight heading back to the camp. In the movie Rabbit Proof Fence, Molly, Daisy and Gracie are on the journey back to where they should be and the one of many obstacles they had was the heat. While they were walking through the desert the heat started to get to them, and they were slowing down quite drastically. This was very consequential for them as they had the Tracker right on their tails. If they tracker ever got them they would be sent straight back to Moore River and may never get the chance to ever escape from the cruel place. They only had one option just like Joe did, and it was to keep moving forward with faith and get back to their homes with their families and friends.


The nature of survival was shown in the film “Soul Surfer” directed by Sean McNamara.


The first aspect of nature of survival was shown in the film is use your surroundings for valuable resources. This was shown in the film when Bethany was sitting on the surfboard beside her friend Alana. Seconds later a tiger shark comes up and bites and rips her left arm off. She goes into shock and Alana is right beside her screaming. Holt, Alana’s dad goes into a leadership role and orders his son to paddle back to shore and call 911. The son tells 911 that there has been a shark attack and sends an ambulance out to where they are. Bethany has had her arm ripped off from the shoulder down. Holt uses his surroundings and acts fast by stopping the blood. He does this by taking off his surf top and wrapping it around Bethany’s shoulder. This was a great idea and when Bethany had finished all her operations the doctor said Holt had saved her life because she would of lost so much blood if he didn’t act this fast. Bethany did well aswell and stayed calm and quotes “ get me back to the beach, please get me back to the beach” while using a low angle close up to show the viewers that Holt and Alana looking over her. This is smart by the director as it shows Bethany is hurt and the small one, while Alana and Holt are not hurt and are looking very big.


Soul Surfer can be related to the film “Touching the Void” which shows Joe in “Touching the Void” learn life on the mountain with a broken leg which limits his actions and privileges. This is very similar case for Bethany in the film “Soul Surfer” as she has to learn how to cope without a left arm that was bitten by a tiger shark. While Joe was on the mountain he just had to get down to safety, but it wasn’t that easy. He had a broken leg and couldn’t move fast at all. He had no food and water, and was hallucinating. Joe was in a very bad situation and could easily die because he has no one to help him. He was really isolated and if he decided he couldn’t do it he would of died in a matter of hours. In the movie “Soul Surfer” Bethany also has to survive with only one arm for the rest of his life. She has to learn everything she could do, again. She also had to mentally survive as people would look at her differently, and judge her differently. They both compare to each other because both of them had lost something that will never be the same. Joe’s leg will never be the same as won’t Bethany’s leg.


The nature of survival was shown in the film “The Blind Side” directed by John Lee Hancock.


The first aspect of nature of survival was shown in the film is taking risks can assure your survival. This was shown in the start of the film when Michael starting talking to Leigh Anne Tuohy in the pouring cold rain. Leigh Anne knows Michael is cold, only wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Michael then gets invited to the Tuohys household for the night. They feed him and care for him as this is something he would never get at his own home. Michael takes a risk getting in Leigh-Anne’s car and gets a very high reward as this family is very nice to him. This shows that the Touhys are very kind and know these situations people have been in as they live close to a less wealthy neighbourhood than them. They know people’s stories as Sean Touhy was an well known basketball player and knew what some of the players had to go through to get where they are today. Another part of the film where taking risks can assure your survival is when Michael chooses Mississippi to play for at college. Mississippi assures Michael will be safe and will care for him. Michael took a risk selecting this college and he is very happy with his choose as Ole Miss assures his ‘survival’. 

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