In this generation there are many different ways people modify the way they we speak and text to abbreviate their text. This ranges from many young kids using different ways of texting and speaking so it is easier for them to speak and this is what they have grown up saying. For insistent, “Wuu2” is a common initialism and is used daily throughout the world, but mostly teenagers use this shortened phrase. Over the years, many other phrases have been introduced to the texting world as we move forward into time.


Each day, many other techniques and language features are used to modify the way we speak and text. For example, a form of “cheat” language is abbreviations. Abbreviations are shorten words and are used daily by millions of people all over the world to hinder how they speak. Abbreviations are useful as they cut off time for us to speak and text, plus they are easier to remember. Another abbreviation commonly used in this world is “SMH” which is a shortened form of “Shake My Head”. This is used to show the reader or listener that they are shaking their head when they are really not.


Initialisms are abbreviations consisting of initial letters pronounced separately. An example of a initialisms is “LOL” which used to mean “Lots of Love”, but now kids have used this initialism lots, its now used as “Laugh out Loud”. This is shorten and is used more than a billion times a day, which is unreal. These stats shows this initialism has grown all around the world has been used a lot.

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  1. This introduction works well. What you must do next is identify at least three different ways young people modify the language they use to make communication faster and explain these in detail – each in their own paragraph.

    Remember to use the guide on the class website about how to construct these body paragraphs – and always use examples.

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