25th May 2018


Dear Sir/Madam

All my life I have had a passion and instant bond between myself and animals. I respect animals and would love to get into a working space that involves animals in some way. I am writing this letter as a position in my hobbies and interests would make working fun and would influence me to work harder. My goal in life is to live happy whilst doing what I love with people I enjoy being around. This would make my life the best and would enjoy every single day.


When I was younger my baskets used to be full of soft animals toys and that’s where it started. When I used to go to the zoo, I used to not want to leave and would often scream and stay at the animal park. When being a zoologist you get to try and put a stop to the death of animals and care for them as much as you can. This falls right into my interest and would love a chance in this field. When I get any time around animals I am happy and spend a lot of time around them. I always think about breeding two animals together to see what their puppies would look like and I think this is the job for me. As you can tell I am obsessed with animals and love to be around them.

I have pets that I look after very well and care for them every single day. I have always wondered what dogs are thinking and doing. I always watch my animals and study their behaviour whilst they live their life. This is exactly what zoologists do while working. They also study their diets, characteristics and most of all, the impacts humans have on them. I would spend as much time with animals if I got such an amazing job. This job, in my opinion, is one of the best jobs in the world as it offers both indoor and outdoor practicals and I love the outdoors. You get to explore different countries and would be able to relax in a different country while doing your job.

At school I am determined to get my work done but also am interested in school. I have represented Central Otago in football throughout the years and enjoy playing golf and basketball. I can speak Spanish as I take it as a subject in school, but not fluently. I am comfortable talking in front of people confidently as I have done speeches at school. I enjoy speaking to people and my favourite subjects in school are English and Biology. I passed Level One at school and am striving to pass level 2 this year. I hope to succeed in school because you only go to school once and you should make the most of it. I will try my hardest in school and will always try my hardest while working as well.

The qualities of people that work well with animals are that they are caring, trustworthy, passionate and respectfulness. I think I have all of these qualities and if I got this job I would work on qualities to be a better person. If I put my mind to something I am a determined person and believe in myself that I can do it. The pay for a Zoologist is very good but I don’t really worry about that, I would just be happy to have some sort of job involving animals because they are very useful in the world and are just like humans. We need to keep animals in the world as they are very important and we studies have shown that humans are happier with animals and pets around them.

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  1. This starts very well. I suggest you follow your first sentence with a bit of evidence – how does this passion show itself.

    Then I’d move to the personal qualities that make you well-suited to this kind of work.

    You definitely should show your interest in the job, but I’d encourage you to include that only once you have established what you have to offer.

    What specific job are you going for here? If you can name that for me, I’ll create a job at which will help you structure what you say – you have to show how you meet the criteria for the job.


  2. Achieved – Writing Folio


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